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Become a Functional Manager

The energy transition calls for new technical solutions. We can only create these solutions if there is a strong link between our users and our IT Professionals. This is where you come in. As Functional Manager, you operate on this exact intersection of business and IT. You’ll apply your extensive IT knowledge in a more people-focused role, by coordinating feedback from users to developers. Together with our IT experts, you will then create optimizations and innovative solutions for both new and existing applications.

Working as Functional Manager at Enexis? Here are three reasons:

  1. Functional Manager of many different projects

    From working with asset registration to GV&N contract relation management. Challenging? Sure. Satisfying? Immensely.

  2. Learning and growth

    You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills through training and education. Enexis is always on the move and so are you.

  3. You get to work with cutting-edge technology

    New products, new analysis techniques and new technologies are a big part of working for the Enexis IT Team. Innovation is the basis of the work you will do.

  • Functional Manager at Enexis

    As a part of the IT team, you will be responsible for several important tasks. Being a Functional Manager means thinking of new solutions for both new and existing applications, whilst working as the direct link between users and developers.

  • Innovation is important, but you should enjoy your work too. That’s why we believe you should be able to work in a way that suits you. Developing your personal skills? Working remotely or onsite? At Enexis, we make it possible.

  • At Enexis, you will receive a competitive salary, a pension scheme, a vitality budget, and the option to purchase extra vacation days. This way, your energy level always remains high. Take a look at our employment conditions.

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