"Working at Enexis is one big learning experience”

Mehmet is a Mendix Developer at Enexis

Mehmet came to the Netherlands three years ago for personal reasons. At that time, he didn't speak a word of Dutch and knew nothing about Mendix. Things have certainly changed since then. “Not only am I getting better at my job as a Mendix developer, but I am also learning about Dutch norms and values and the work culture. I can also work on my language skills in the office. I’m determined to learn to speak Dutch fluently.

Mendix Boot Camp

Mehmet sees working Enexis as one big learning experience. How did he end up here? “One of my best friends in the Netherlands had completed a Mendix boot camp through an employment agency. He said it would be ideal for me. I had worked as a video analyst in a forensic lab in Turkey for years. So analysing events and processes is in my blood. This attribute is very useful when developing apps in Mendix. The stories about the boot camp
intrigued me, so I decided to sign up. I was hired at Enexis after that.”


"My work also teaches me a lot about the Dutch culture"

Mehmet - Mendix Developer

Nice way of communicating

How does the workplace here differ from in Turkey? Mehmet: “In Turkey, there is a clear hierarchy and manners are very formal. You wouldn’t approach your boss casually. It’s different here. Communication with my colleagues and my manager is very informal. It’s easy to ask for help here and I can freely share my ideas and views. And they really listen to what I have to say. It’s a nice way of communicating. We also talk about things that have nothing to do with work and have coffee together for no reason. I wasn't used to


Mehmet - Mendix Developer


It’s safe to say that Mehmet feels at home with Enexis. He plans to fulfil his ambitions here. “I want to become a senior Mendix developer in the coming year and to learn Java and Python.” 

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the world of IT within Enexis, why not read the stories of some of our other colleagues? Do you have any questions about the role of a Mendix Developer? Schedule a digital coffee session to chat with Mehmet or one of our IT colleagues here. If you’re curious about the various possibilities within Enexis, leave your details and our It recruiter Jasper will contact you as soon as possible.

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